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ASPAC prides itself on being a


consultancy company.

ASPAC’s consultants do not just write white papers and reports and then leave it to the respective government departments to work out how to implement the suggested strategies.


Rather from day one, ASPAC takes charge of the implementation strategies, and continues to oversee the project throughout the growth period, thus making sure that if ASPAC promised there were thousands of jobs to be gained and huge economic benefits from developing a strong Offshore Wind Energy Engineering Industry Sector in your country, ASPAC will stay actively involved in developing your Offshore Wind Energy Engineering Sector until these numbers have been achieved.

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Mr. Paul Phillips, ASPAC’s Senior Consultant, has for the past 25 years assisted numerous countries in the Asia-Pacific region develop various industry sectors within their economies.


Renowned for his very hands-on approach, he prides himself on achieving deliverables greater than the initial expectations of the project.

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One of his more notable achievements was assisting the Prime Minister of Malaysia further expand the Malaysian Multimedia Super Corridor, where he established a Framework of Cooperation which linked 12 other nations to the corridor.

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Due to the very short timespan nations have to establish and develop their offshore wind energy engineering sectors, ASPAC has re-allocated most of its staff and resources to the task of assisting SE Asian governments to establish and further develop their offshore wind energy engineering sectors.

Mr. Phillips the Senior ASPAC Consultant is making himself available to meet with all interested governments over the next 2-3 months to discuss in detail the way forward for their nation.

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