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The Study Buddy is being produced as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) App for smart phones, which will greatly assist students, especially those that do not presently have access to good education facilities, learn more about any subject they are studying at school, in any language. Furthermore, it will be capable of conversing and interacting verbally with its user in much the same way as a personal tutor or friend would.

Each user will have their own individual Study Buddy, their personal tutor, which will be able to identify its user each time by name, age, grade at school, etc.  The target audience for the Study Buddy is young people from ages 5-19 which are studying at pre, primary, secondary and tertiary schools. The Study Buddy will be able to converse verbally in all major languages, as per the list of languages circulated by Google for Bard.


At present the big problem with utilizing AI’s is that they have no memory of previous conversations they may have had with you, however the Study Buddy will have a complete memory of previous conversations and will be able to pick up from where they left off last time.

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The AI STUDY BUDDY, which will integrate with any online digital text, on any subject (science, maths, physics, etc,)  will be a game changing application, which will dramatically change the way young people learn, interact and enjoy studying & reading. Young people who are using the Study Buddy will see their academic & literary skills, quickly far surpass those who are not, making it a 'must have' for all students, especially those students trying to learn English.

The Study Buddy which will be personalized to each individual user, by such parameters as name, age, sex, grade at school, hobbies, etc, will communicate verbally with its user. It will also maintain a complete memory of all previous conversations with each user, so allowing the Study Buddy to seamlessly pick up from where their conversation last ended.

The Study Buddy will allow students, young and old, to,

  • concisely learn to both read and write English

  • Ask their AI Buddy about any aspect of the text they are studying,

  • Get assistance & clarification of their academic homework

  • Ask their AI Buddy what a word or phrase means, as they are reading it,

  • Converse with the student in multiple languages, 

  • Practice their conversational skills with their Buddy,,


Plus, the AI Study Buddy will,

  • assist the student with pronunciations of difficult words as they are reading text out loud to their AI Buddy,

  • test the young students's comprehension of what they have just read.

  • Allow teachers & parents to get progress reports on the student's development.

  • And much more.

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The potential global market for the Study Buddy is of course the hundreds of millions of students worldwide. However, for the first 6 months the Motion Picture Book Academy will focus on distributing the Study Buddy within Vietnam.


There are 25 million registered students in Vietnam, all of whom have to learn English. However, availability of qualified teachers to teach English in the country is very poor. Especially in the regions.


The Study Buddy will be capable of teaching English to a very high standard, at all levels thus presenting the fantastic opportunity for all young Vietnamese to finally gain a high proficiency rating in the English language as per the Government’s educational goals.


At just US$1.50/month, every family which possesses a smart phone in Vietnam, no matter what their economic situation, should be able to secure a Study Buddy for their child’s education.


Thus, the potential market for the Study Buddy in Vietnam is 25 million students each paying US$1.50/month which equates to US$450 million per year. The Motion Picture Book Academy aims to secure a 10% market penetration within 12 months which will give it an annual income of US$45 million per year in Vietnam alone..

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